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I am Japanese touring companion, who loves finer things in life. I am well-traveled and highly educated, speak English and French without Japanese accent. A beautiful and fragrant flower can add colours to your life. Sometimes I am a dainty lily, and sometimes I am an alluring rose. I am happy to be your flower to make your life bloom. I am also like a great violin. A violin itself does not play music, but if you treat me gently and passionately at times, we can improvise beautiful melodies. It varies from sweet mellow melody to stormy dramatic tune. Dates are like music. Beginning with calm expectations, developing dramatic melodies, and ending with pleasant lingering sensation. Quality is most important for me, I appreciate every beautiful moments. I am waiting for you to improvise our original, sweet and passionate tune. I will be glad if you could feel long lasting reverberation of our duet. I regard myself as a temporal yet real lover and travel companion, not just an escort. I admit I am very selective. The reason why is that I know no one can be a perfect woman for everyone because of a different taste, yet I don’t want to disappoint the people I meet. Therefore my client list is tiny, yet they are my ardent fans, and I would like to continue like this. I don’t mean I am selective for your looks, race, occupation, etc. What is important for me is not that if I like you but if YOU like me. It’s the same theory as a woman loves the man who loves her. I love all my suitors who adore me! Honestly I don’t think they are just clients, they are much more than that, although they are not my true lover while we are not together, some of them are true close friends of mine and whilst being together I’m their true lover. Therefore when I decline it means that I think you won’t like me much, which is not good for you. However when I agree to meet you, it means that you will not be disappointed and I’m sure we will have a wonderful time together, I would like YOU to accept my booking request! While I am with a gent I always feel as if I were his true lover, this is not artificial feeling, I naturally behave so. Please be sure again, your age (if mature), looks, race or other profiles don’t matter at all for me. Your personality, discretion, how you like me and if we’ll have a good chemistry… are important. Another reason why I am selective is because being low volume allows me to focus on the person in front of me. My suitors often say I am surprisingly attentive, have super attitude, truly cultivated and a great conversationalist. I would like to be super attentive for them, hopefully beyond their expectation. I travel often all around the world, catch me if you can, or let me fly to you. If you are interested in Japanese culture or need a good tour guide, I have a plenty of knowledge, and have pride of my tour guide service quality. Besides my high education, I have been learning various things from Japanese traditional crafts, Kimonos, architecture, music…to contemporary art or music. Myself I am quite versatile too. I have many titles and certifications of these things. I also adore wine and dine, my knowledge about food and drink is also professional, and know wonderful restaurants and bars. As your secret lover, I wouldn’t like to be shared my personal information nor sexual details with others. Time we are together and our conversation are just between us. I certainly do the same for you too, I know how discretion is important. I have unique career in both sexual/normal industries and I have always worked for high profile people, my discretion is guaranteed. Would you like to escape from daily life? I know the world can be more beautiful if you have someone nice. Let’s find beautiful things together, I am more than happy to be your flower and we can go anywhere in the world. Let us enjoy our sensual melodious duet. Si vous recherchez une escorte Japonaise qui parle le français à Tokyo, je suis la seule disponible. Néanmoins, ce n'est pas uniquement pour cette raison que vous me choisirez… SVP visitez mon site Internet. Riko Suzuki - LA FLEUR DE TOKYO

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Languages:English, French, Japanese
Hair:Long dark brown
Eyes:Dark brown

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